About Us

Be natural with your skincare. Introducing Skinb.

Everything you need for your skin is already in nature. Introducing Skinb. Made with natural ingredients known throughout time for their healing, antibacterial and soothing properties.                   

Skinb (pronounced Skin...be) was developed and created by Cherith Crozier - a stylist and production designer.

Having always been interested in seeking out natural and organic produce, Cherith happened to read the ingredient list of one of the expensive creams she had been using & wondered what am I actually putting onto my skin?

She started researching the ingredients list of the creams she had been using and discovered to her amazement that some of them were known endocrine disruptors, some were classed as potential carcinogens and a lot of ingredients were synthetic. Cherith wondered if it was possible to make something with only natural ingredients so she started to experiment with a few simple natural oils, waxes & butters, eventually she formulated two products; a natural balm for the face which she discovered helped minor skin irritations heal quickly and a rich natural butter for the body that she uses as everyday body moisturiser but has also discovered from her customers that it's very soothing for skin conditions such as eczema & psoriasis.

DIY Kits
Cherith's close friends having tried her balm suggested she should start selling it, by this stage she had noticed there were lots of really great natural skin care brands on the market and she was happy just making it for herself and her friends. However one day she had idea...she thought...what if I could create a user friendly & simple kit teaching others how easy it is to make your own low tox skincare...so she set to work, thing like compostable packaging, glass bottles, premium organic ingredients were all of utmost importance to her.

With Skinb you have the choice of buying a ready made natural & organic skincare product or you can learn how to DIY. The kits make excellent gifts and are really fun to make together on a girls night or for parties...kids love them too & want to help make them.

If for some reason you aren’t happy with any of our products, please contact us via our contact page & we will either exchange or refund your product.


My go-to night and day face balm. I love the fact it’s completely natural and I don’t need to fuss around with multiple serums, moisturisers and oils, it’s just all in one! It feels amazing on my skin, I have quite dry skin and it works really well.

Carragh GNatural Skin Balm

So easy to make - good lesson in how simple it is to make your own products, and a fun experience overall!! The balms themselves are so nourishing without being too oily… my skin including face and lips looks and feels so much more hydrated and soothed after using, especially since I spend a lot of time surfing and added harshness of the sun!

Mel MDIY Skin Balm Kit

I have never been able to find a product that hydrates my skin for long periods of time, especially in the cooler months! It’s feel SO good on my skin, I’ll never use anything else again, hubby is also onto it now haha, we also love the Tallow balm and use that on our little one as well. Can not recommend enough!

Alice LNatural Skin Butter